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National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day: July 13


This is a great opportunity to learn about the cultural significance of barbershop music. Make time to listen and relive the past melodies and memories with your loved ones today.

Did you know…

Barbershop music has its roots in African-American communities in the late 19th century. It originated from the a cappella singing style known as “woodshedding,” where men would gather in barbershops and harmonize together while waiting for their haircut or shave.

Barbershop music is characterized by its distinctive four-part harmony, with the voice parts known as lead, tenor, baritone, and bass. Each part helps create the rich, close harmonies that define the genre.

Barbershop harmonies are characterized by a unique musical effect known as “ringing chords.” This occurs when the overtones produced by the voices align perfectly, creating a resonant and vibrant sound.

The Barbershop Harmony Society hosts an annual convention, bringing together thousands of barbershop singers from around the world to compete, perform, and celebrate the genre.